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Here, find in-depth guides on recycling, plastics and reuse
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Functionalization of Paper and cardboard report


Dozens of patents, scientific articles, field feedback, reports, and decrypted packaging inform about the state of the art of our paper/cardboard packaging.

This guide was partially funded by the City of Paris.


Plastics' biodegradability 

The biodegradation of plastics and especially bioplastics is a complex matter, because nature is complex. Form a nuanced idea and understand the issues surrounding the collection of bio-waste. Produced voluntarily for the Adebiotech conference on February 5, 2020

Plastic recycling eco-system

Through that guide understand the process of value creation. Learn what matters most when communicating about your project. Discover the recycling value chain. Get used to financing techniques. Know the importance of lobbying. Check the signification of converter, trader, pellets and flakes.
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EAT, towards catering without discarded plastic

Support technique simple et enrichi de schémas, ce guide s'adresse aux professionnels de la restauration recherchant une information éclairée sur les emballages. Il s'agit avant tout de mettre en avant les solutions clés en mains et opérationnelles sur le plan économique.
Ce guide a été financé en partie par Plastic Odyssey.
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Gas filtration during plastic recycling

Recycling plastics is a source of toxic gas emissions. Understand their origins, the risks, the law and learn how to manufacture your ventilation. Done voluntarily for all Low-tech or industrial recyclers who do not meet standards!

Importing machinery

This guide is to help you to buy some foreign machinery. Some machinery might not be available directly in your country, or might not be as reliable, or more expensive. So you might look at manufacturers in other countries. Importation rights are different from one country to another. Here are the steps to follow and some tips. This guide was commanded by Plastic Odyssey
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