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Functionalization of papers and cardboards

Many patents, scientific articles, field feedback, reports, and analyzed packaging provide insights into the state of the art of our paper/cardboard packagings.

A portion of the packaging industry is trying to make us believe that the solution to plastic pollution lies in paper and cardboard packaging. That it's enough to gradually replace everything. Is it a noble intention, or a somewhat unscrupulous calculation to try to grab market share? And how do we navigate through all the commercial claims without being deceived? To replace plastic packaging in contact with food, paper and cardboard require functionalization: the addition of barriers to water, gases, and fats... Unfortunately, today, this functionalization is mostly achieved through plastic. Discover how and why in this hundred-page dossier by Mr. & Mrs. Recycling, funded by the City of Paris and already qualified by industry peers as the most comprehensive and coherent content on the subject.

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